[Album] Yasushi Yoshida – Heavenly Me Last Days (2016.09.04/MP3/RAR)

It is tuba from MIDI record / noble . The full album that it becomes six years since the last the disk transfer first from a previous work really.

All eight pieces are recorded in a product and the fifth piece has few use musical instruments from the first piece and attaches color to the space where a violin, a cello are peace and calm mainly on a piano now. It is flavor such as the chamber music that trimmed the number of phones to the maximum. I totally remind of Estonian musician, arvo part. However, the band sound that I turned and brought a drum into from the sixth piece. This development becomes the instrumental music album of such a kind of these days and the work which strongly draws a line. The implantation sound does not exist through the whole and becomes the terrible, vivid space. I trade the theme put in this album to a writer and am the work which is filled for the awfully powerful vitality that snuggles up not what only look on, and recognizes such a series of dramas which the person who only remained standing in front of lostness, nothingness, a feeling of ineffectualness with various “parting” begins to surely walk again powerfully if I speak for what I felt, and overflowed from the sound.

The great master of domestic and foreign copperplate engravings, a work of Yozo Hamaguchi are the world first use as the jacket picture!

MV of precedent single “Hymn” by the Tsuyoshi Shibata movie director is unmissable, too!

1. Last Days
2. Swansong
3. Quiet Summer
4. Prayer For A Dawn
5. In November Slumber
6. Parade #2
7. Heavenly Me
8. Hymn

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