[Single] AKB48 – ハイテンション (2016.11.16/MP3/RAR)




The latest single from AKB48 is funky disco-inspired “High Tension”. For the last time before her graduation, Haruka Shimazaki takes the b stage in this groovy, catchy number. With just a snap of her fingers, Haruka signals the start of the party and sends everyone into a dancing frenzy.

Catch the MV after the jump!

The music video features the following special guests: Soichirou Tahara (Political Journalist), Kenichi Endo (Actor), and Nicchiro’ (Comedian). Special appearances weren’t just limited to humans as Pepper the Humanoid Robot also made a cameo. In addition, extras from all sorts of backgrounds, were gathered for Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant scene. Haruka said she even learned some English from the extras between takes on set.

Available in 5 Limited Editions and 5 Regular Editions, the 46th single will hit stores on November 16th. The complete tracklist has yet to be announced.

1. ハイテンション
2. 抑えきれない衝動(ウェイティングサークル)
3. 抑えきれない衝動
4. Better
5. ハッピーエンド
6. また あなたのことを考えてた(ボーカルチーム)
7. 思春期のアドレナリン
8. 星空を君に
9. 清純タイアド
10. ハイテンション (off vocal ver.)
11. 抑えきれない衝動 (off vocal ver.)
12. Better (off vocal ver.)
13. ハッピーエンド (off vocal ver.)
14. off vocal ver
15. 星空を君に (off vocal ver.)
16. 清純タイアド (off vocal ver.)

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