[Album] deadman – LIVING HELL (2024.03.30/FLAC + MP3/RAR)

[Album] deadman – LIVING HELL (2024.03.30/FLAC + MP3/RAR)

01. dlof facs:2.0
02. please god:2.0
03. blood:2.0
04. follow the night light:2.0
05. additional cause for sorrow:2.0
06. please god:2.0 (ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
07. blood:2.0 (ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
08. follow the night light:2.0 (ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
09. additional cause for sorrow:2.0 (ORIGINAL KARAOKE)

▼Guest Artist

明希(ex.シド):M4「follow the night light:2.0」

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