[Album] Double – Re:Vision (2002/Flac/RAR)

[Album] Double – Re:Vision (2002/Flac/RAR)
1.01. Don’t Rush (Turbo’s Sigma mix)
1.02. Party Time (T.V.P.Club mix)
1.03. Who’s That Girl (Orienta-Rhythm “urbanite” mix)
1.04. Strange Things (room134 mix)
1.05. You Got To feat. S-Word (Wall 5 remix)
1.06. Should Have Tried feat. Heartsdales (Nu Brake remix)
1.07. Driving All Night (Masaki Tokunaga remix)
1.08. ABC (R.Yamaki’s Garage mix)
1.09. Strange Things (Share The Things)
1.10. Kissing You (Ginza mix)
1.11. Let’s Get Together DoublE & Hiro from F.O.H (Groove That Soul mix)

2.12. Make Me Happy (Hard Control mix)
2.13. Shake (Hott 22 Club mix)
2.14. Driving All Night (Turbo’s Sigma mix)
2.15. Make Me Happy (JIVE Talk ’99 mix)
2.16. Shake (Dub’s Classic Club mix)
2.17. Who’s That Girl (markee remix)
2.18. Don’t Rush (TinyVoice, Production remix)
2.19. Shake (Dribble Water remix)
2.20. I Miss You GTS feat. Double (Lenny Fontana Vocal mix)

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