[Album] Hiroshi Sato – Awakening (Special edition) (1982~2014/Flac/RAR)

[Album] Hiroshi Sato – Awakening (Special edition) (1982~2014/Flac/RAR)
1.01. Awakening
1.02. You’re My Baby (feat. Wendy Matthews)
1.03. Blue and Moody Music
1.04. Only a Love Affair (feat. Wendy Matthews)
1.05. Love and Peace
1.06. From Me to You
1.07. I can’t Wait (feat. Wendy Matthews)
1.08. It isn’t Easy (feat. Wendy Matthews)
1.09. Awakening
1.10. Say Goodbye (feat. Wendy Matthews)
2.01. Awakening (off SE)
2.02. You’re My Baby (off vocal)
2.03. Blue and Moody Music (off vocal)
2.04. Only a Love Affair (off vocal)
2.05. From Me to You (off vocal)
2.06. I can’t Wait (off vocal)
2.07. It isn’t Easy (off vocal)
2.08. Say Goodbye (off vocal)
2.09. Blue and Moody Music (Wendy’s version)
2.10. It isn’t Easy (remixed by Hiroshi Sato 2005)

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