[Album] MAX – Jewel of Jewels (2006.02.22/Flac/RAR)

[Album] MAX – Jewel of Jewels (2006.02.22/Flac/RAR)
01. The Beginning of Jewel of Jewels
02. It’s time to “Shine”!
03. What’s going on
04. Love screw
05. Festa
06. Aqua
07. mirage
08. Nirai Kanai (ニライカナイ’)
09. Kira Kirari (きらきらり)
10. Be With You
11. eternal white
12. Anata wo Omou Hodo (あなたを想うほど)
13. Naughty Boy
14. Melty love
15. The Closing of Jewel of Jewels

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