[Album] MONSTER UNIVERSE Original Soundtrack (2023.01.27/MP3/RAR)

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[Album] MONSTER UNIVERSE Original Soundtrack (2023.01.27/MP3/RAR)

01 Till The Time Comes
02 Trace My Fears (feat. chelly)
03 Leaf Flute Afternoon
04 Trees Whispers – Golden Wheat Dance On The Hill
05 The Spore Sea
06 Beyond The Dark, Into The Light
07 Raise Your Sword
08 The Battle Out
09 I’ve Got Glory
10 Sunlight Meets Morning Dew
11 Full Moon Is Watching You
12 Night Rut
13 Rustted Memories
14 The Challenger
15 Sparks Of Fire
16 Fierce Black
17 The Monster Knights Theme
18 Eeny Meeny Miny Moe
19 We Are Ready
20 Ao No Uta

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