[Album] Zeebra – The First Struggle (2002/Flac/RAR)

[Album] Zeebra – The First Struggle (2002/Flac/RAR)
01. 真っ昼間
02. I’m Still No.1
03. Parteechecka (Bright Light mix)
04. Original Rhyme Animal (Mr.Drunk remix)
05. 未来への鍵 (feat. Akeem Da Managoo) (Osawa’s Realized mix feat. Bird)
06. Zeus 2000 (with Sugal Soul)
07. Mr.Dynamite
08. Children’s Story
09. プラチナムデート (feat. Double)
10. Neva Enuff (feat. Aktion)
11. Baby Girl (feat. F.O.H) (Tiny Voice Production remix)

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